Dr. Patricia Shelton, MD

Dr. Patricia Shelton MD Profile Pic HeadshotDr. Patricia Shelton, MD, holds a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology and a doctorate in medicine from the University of Washington in Seattle.

A top student in her class, she was selected for Alpha Omega Alpha (the medical honors society) as a junior medical student.

Dr. Shelton now teaches anatomy to students from a wide range of backgrounds, and writes on medical topics for a variety of websites.

Her greatest strength and joy is communicating complex scientific and technical ideas in an understandable way, so that everyone can benefit from modern scientific knowledge.

Jeanie Davis

Jeanie Davis Bio Pic Freelance health/medical copywriter and journalist. Her health writing expertise and her “medical education” come from the editorial trenches of top hospitals, medical research centers, online health journalism, and medical publishing—including 9 years as a WebMD daily news reporter, writing over 3000 news and feature articles.

Jeanie joined WebMD in its infancy, just prior to launch in January 2000 — and her stories helped build it into the industry’s pioneering consumer website.
As a freelancer, she has worked for “the best of the best” in the health industry, including Arthritis Foundation/ Arthritis Today, University of Nebraska Medical Center, UCLA, Cigna, Georgia Health Information Network, Emory University Health Sciences Center, and American Cancer Society — as well as many e-commerce companies in the health/medical space.

Dr. Laura Cobb

Dr. Laura Cobb - Diabetic FAQ Profile PicDr Cobb obtained her BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, and her PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Cambridge.

Later on she completed a post-doctoral fellowship researching therapeutics for prostate cancer and diabetes at the University of California, Los Angeles.

After spending 5 years on the faculty at the Mattel Children’s Hospital, UCLA, she co-founded a biotechnology company developing novel peptide-based treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes, for which she served as Director of Peptide Research.

Dr. Cobb now works as a full-time freelance medical writer and project manager, specializing in scientific and medical manuscripts and grants.

Muhammad Usman, MD

Dr. Muhammad UsmanDr. Muhammad Usman, MD is a medical specialist. He received his bachelor’s degree with top honors and received several gold medals for excellence in studies and medical practice. In addition, Dr. Usman is a certified nutritionist.

Dr. Usman is an avid research and has got 20+ research publications in internationally recognized, peer-reviewed medical journals. He’s also published hundreds of books on the Amazon kindle store.

He has been working as a freelancer writer and researcher for more than 5 years. During this time, he’s helped countless people through thousands of high quality blog posts, articles and guides on a multitude of topics related to health, fitness and nutrition.

Finally, he runs his own blog and posts health, fitness, weight loss and nutrition related articles there regularly. You can visit his blog here http://hcures.com/.