Diabetes Type 2 Affects Body - Image of girl with no energy

Insulin is a chemical your body produces that functions to keep your blood sugar levels under check. In some instances, insulin fails to function properly and sugar levels start to rise in your blood. This condition is called type 2 diabetes/ diabetes type 2.

The following are some common ways type 2 diabetes affects health:

1. It damages your heart and brain

Your heart and brain are active organs and need a constant supply of blood and energy to work at their best. Type 2 diabetes is linked to an increase in the blood levels of bad fats and cholesterol. These bad fats and cholesterol start to plug the blood vessels of your heart and brain. This may result in heart attack and stroke.

2. Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of high blood pressure

Blood pressure is the force flowing blood exerts on your blood vessels. The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. But in type 2 diabetes, these figures start to rise. This is mainly due to the building levels of bad fats and cholesterol in your blood, as already mentioned. This hardens your blood vessels and increases your blood pressure. You’re said to have high blood pressure or hypertension when your blood pressure readings are 140/90 mmHg.

3. It affects your vision

Constantly high blood sugar acts as toxin for your eyes. You may get glaucoma, which is a condition in which the pressure of fluid inside your eye starts to increase. You may also develop cataract in which your eye lens becomes opaque and you are unable to see. The most debilitating eye-related complication of type 2 diabetes is retinopathy. In this condition, the blood vessels in your eyes start to leak and block your vision.

4. It harms your body nerves

Nerves are like a bridge between your brain and your body. High blood sugar harms your nerves in two ways. First, high blood sugar acts as a toxin for your nerves. Second, it compromises the supply of blood to your nerves. As a result, your nerves start to dysfunction, a condition named as neuropathy.

5. Your kidney functions decline too

Constantly high blood sugar in type 2 diabetes inflicts serious damage to your kidneys too. The kidney damage, known as nephropathy, can be permanent and may have life-threatening consequences.

6. Skin complications sprout due to type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes makes you prone to dry skin, bacterial infections, fungal infections and allergies.

In addition, it may lead to:

  • Poor gut health.
  • Decreased energy and lethargy.
  • Poor weight control.
  • Pregnancy-related complications.
  • Body ulcers.


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