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Here’s a list of diabetic drugs that are illegal and have not been properly studied or registered. Some of the more common illegal diabetic drugs are:

  • Diaberex
  • Glytain
  • Diexi
  • Sugar balancer
  • Glucocil
  • Probeta
  • Nepretin
  • Eradicator
  • Phenformin
  • Neuragen PN
  • Insupro Forte
  • Rosiglitazone


Diabetes is common and more than 30 million people in the US have been diagnosed with the condition. In developing countries, the number is even higher, posing a major public health threat.

As diabetes continue to increase in number, same is the case with illegal drugs claiming a complete cure. When someone has got a chronic disorder, it becomes easier to exploit them by making bogus claims and selling them products that don’t work.

There are thousands of drugs that are being sold as natural cures or magic treatments for diabetes. Such illegal drugs are usually marketed in the name of alternative treatment to give them a somewhat legal cover and gain the trust of the people.

Illegal drugs are usually Ayurvedic supplements, dietary supplements, and homeopathic drugs. These drugs contain ingredients that are yet to be studied for their health effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found some of these illegally marketed drugs as harmful to the body as they cause serious drug interactions and cause a rapid drop in blood glucose by unsafe mechanisms.

The internet is flooded with illegal drugs and bogus remedies. These suppliers don’t usually have an actual shop address or contact info. Diabetes is a serious condition that can affect almost all major body structures and functions.

Using illegal drugs not only fails to control diabetes but can lead to many other health complications such as heart problems and hormonal imbalance. These drugs contain unknown active ingredients and harmful chemicals culminating in serious health issues.

One must be very careful while buying anything that claims to control or treat diabetes, Diabetic FAQ recommends to always consult your healthcare provider. Make sure that the products you use are properly registered and approved by the FDA.