Image of common signs of Diabetes

iconCommonly Asked Diabetes Symptoms Questions

How does diabetes:

type 1 affect the human body?
type 1 cause weakness?
type 2 affect urine odor?
type 2 affect your health?
damage the cell?
lead to anemia?
lead to obesity?
lead to poor circulation?
mellitus affect homeostasis?
mellitus cause polyphagia?
mellitus develop?
cause sores on legs?

How does Diabetes cause:

Erectile Dysfunction?
Nerve Damage?
Renal Failure?

How does Diabetes affect:

Blood Vessels?
The Body?
The Digestive System?
The Nervous System?

There are may different ways diabetes symptoms can affect the human body, we’ve listed here the most common questions asked, click on any of the following links to learn more about each topic.

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